Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs the activities of
Before you become a member, you must understand what we do and what we don’t.

We use cookies to keep users logged in on our site. It will be frustrating if we don’t have it active. You can deactivate this on your web browser. But you should leave it if you intend to use our service regularly.

Protection of information:
We are affiliated to the network that offers those tasks you complete. Although, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information they offer. We don’t monitor their activities, so we shouldn’t be blamed on whatever issue you encounter after performing them.
We only guarantee that your email is safe with us, unless there is a breach in our database.
Furthermore, you shouldn’t worry about all that.

Connection with the actual game:
We are not affiliated with Roblox Corporation. All images used here are not owned by us and can be removed if there is a real need for them.

Acceptance to children under 18:
Since the main game is played by people under and over eighteen years old, we don’t have any age restriction.

Notification of Policy Change:
Information here can change anytime. We won’t post any update on our homepage about it. You should check here for such.

Last updated:
4th August, 2018